Subscriptionbay Marketplace: How it Works

It Pays To Be a Store Vendor on South Africa’s Premier Subscription Box Marketplace

Subscriptionbay is the leading market place for online subscription services and products in South Africa.

The Best Way to Get Your Subscription Boxes to the SA Market

Listing on our order management platform is the fastest, most effective and affordable way to launch a subscription business in South Africa.

What You’ll Get

 Free Listing. Run your business on SA’s biggest and busiest subscription services platform.

Free Advertising. We promote Subscriptionbay and vendors through Google Search, Social Media Marketing, Inbound content marketing, PR and paid media.

Free Business Support. Access to a wealth of reliable business resources including an exclusive partner network, guides, tutorials, and insider-tips for growing your local subscription box business

A Microsite Profile. Your listing profile is laid out like a five-page micro-website comprising, products, about, policies, reviews and followers.

A Sales and Payments Platform. Our eCommerce market place attracts willing buyers who purchase directly on-site.

Transaction Payment Processing Facilities. Subscriptionbay is integrated with PayFast payment gateway.

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How it Works

Our affordable pay-as-you-use model means you’re not spending if you’re not earning!

Only pay us when your customers pay you. Your listing is free when you meet our minimum criteria and fees are charged according to the number of transactions processed on our site.

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1. Create a store and upload your offers.

2. Launch your business! Remember that Subscriptionbay employs sophisticated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and promotion techniques to attract hundreds of ready-buyers.

3. Enjoy hassle-free payment processing charged at 15.5% per transaction (PayFast transaction fees already included).

4. Access business intelligence reports and support to grow your Subscription Box business.

Transaction Fees

The beauty of a payment per transaction model is that you can easily build this cost of sales into your price. Your online presence including hosting, security, maintenance, and sales platform won’t cost you an extra cent!

Free Listing, No Monthly Costs and 15.5% per Transaction Fee excluding delivery.

· Subscriptionbay is integrated with PayFast, South Africa’s most trusted online payment gateway. You will need to sign up with PayFast directly and use your merchant ID to trade.

· PayFast Merchants are further liable for PayFast (Rates are subject to change as per PayFast) charges as follows:

· Pay-outs: R8.70 ex VAT each

· PayFast Merchant Refunds: R2.00 ex Vat each

Benefits of Listing on Subscriptionbay Market Place

The freedom to focus on your core business knowing your online presence, payment facility and marketing are expertly managed.

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No Website Needed

You don’t have to learn coding or SEO or even carry the expense of building a website to have a home online and sell. Even if you already have a website, a Subscription bay listing will extend your reach and afford you all these benefits as well.

Appear in Google Searches

Subscriptionbay hires SEO experts, so you don’t have too. It’s our business to make sure your business has a competitive edge online!

Leverage the Power of Mall Convenience

Subscriptionbay offers everything under one roof, which attracts hordes of visitors. That’s because buyers love the convenience of having a single place to shop, discover new offers and compare options.

Increased discoverability

Market places feed our inherent need to “find hidden gems”. There’s a psychological reward to discovery.

Increased Exposure

We do the hard work of drawing the crowd, increasing your exposure to new buyers. Your success is our success, so, we market your brand online as part of our digital marketing strategy.


Subscriptionbay is a trusted online platform that only stocks products from vetted businesses.

The Best of Both Worlds: Beautifully Built, Fully Functional

You can focus on your core business and have a beautifully built, fully functional order management platform

Digital marketing expertise!

We provide heaps of useful resources loaded with our know-how to help to advertise your subscription services.


Our order management platform provides ready-made infrastructure for your business with built-in payment processing—and maintenance is included!

Lower Short-And Long-Term Costs

Waiver website development, hosting and all-important security costs—all of which are full-time jobs on their own.

Next-Level Support

We supply endless business development resources and one-on-one technical assistance as well as access to a network community of like-minded business owners.

Business Intelligence

Gain deep customer insights to guide informed business decisions. We provide analytics and reporting as tools to help you refine your offering and keep growing!

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