The Best Way to Get Your Subscription Boxes to the SA Market

As if all the benefits of launching a subscription box service aren’t enough, a market place listing turbo-changes them all!

Introducing Subscriptionbay, South Africa’s premier subscription box marketplace and order management platform.

Starting a subscription box business from the ground up takes time. Building a website, and getting it to a place where it’s performing well, even more so. Then, trying to get noticed in the sea of thousands of other businesses online just makes the whole idea seem too daunting to attempt.

Here is your secret weapon: ride on the back of a giant for instant visibility, improved security and credibility to boot. That’s the power of Subscriptionbay, a subscription box market place and order management platform dedicated to South African subcom.

What Is A Subscription Box Market Place?

Like Amazon is to books, and iTunes is to music, that’s what Subscriptionbay is to subscription boxes. It’s a virtual, specialised, mall. Everyone knows that’s the place to you go when you’re looking for something in the realm of subscription services.

What Is An Order Management Platform?

In this context, an order management platform is a mechanism to enable your eCommerce ability that facilities your online sales transactions. Again, like Etsy and Alibaba, your customers can buy from you via our platform, saving you hundreds of Rands.

The Most Effective Way Run a Subscription Box Business Is Also the Easiest

Here’s why a Subscritpionbay market place is your one-way ticket to subscription eCommerce success.

You don’t have to learn coding or SEO or even carry the expense of building a website to have a home online and sell. Even if you already have a website, a Subscription bay listing will extend your reach and afford you all these benefits as well.

Market places leverage the convenience of everything under one roof. Customers love the convenience of having a single place to shop, discover new offers and compare options.

Increased discoverability. Market places feed a buyers inherent need to “find hidden gems”. There’s a psychological reward to discovery.

Exposure goes hand-in-hand with discoverability, a market place “pulls the crowd” thus increasing your exposure to new buyers. Your success is our success, so, we market your brand online as part of our digital marketing strategy.

You instantly gain credibility by appearing on (and therefore being associated with) an established site.

You can focus on your core business and have a beautifully built, fully functional order management platform—it’s the best of both worlds.

Bring us to the point of digital marketing expertise! We provide heaps of useful resources loaded with our know-how to help to advertise your subscription services.

Our order management platform provides ready-made infrastructure for your business with built-in payment processing—and maintenance is included!

You enjoy lower short-and long-term costs by wavering website dev and hosting costs—more importantly, security costs. You can’t put a price on security management, which can be a full-time job on its own.

Next-level support: We supply endless business development resources and one-on-one technical assistance as well as access to a network community of like-minded business owners (for metal sparring and shared knowledge).

Gain deep customer insights to guide informed business decisions. We provide analytics and reporting as tools to help you refine your offering and keep growing!

Launch your subscription box business with confidence! Become a Subscriptionbay merchant.

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